A Look at Pomegranate Seed Oil

A Look at Pomegranate Seed Oil

Dubbed 'Nature's Super Fruit', the ruby colored seeds of the Pomegranate fruit have been known to bring back life to dull hair and skin, while also maintaining and enhancing the body's main functions.

Disclaimer: Some people might be sensitive to natural oils, so always do a patch test on your skin.  Add 1/2 tsp of the oil to your inner wrist, then wait a few hours and see if there was any irritation.  If there is no irritation, then you are safe to use it.

Pomegranate oil is high in Oleic Acids and Linoleic Acids, which means it is suitable for all skin types and it won't clog your pores. As I was researching this oil, I found there were so many health and cosmetic benefits and I thought maybe I can just write: "Use pomegranate oil. Trust me on this! "

1. Nourishing
Pomegranate seed oil has nourishing and regenerative properties, so it will give you a healthy look and glow. It contains Palmitic Acid which is highly emollient and will leave your skin feeling soft, and Vitamin E that will prevent moisture loss from skin and hair and also repair scarred or blemished skin.

Mask to try: 1/2 tsp of pomegranate oil, 2 tsp colloidal oatmeal, 1 drop of lemon oil.  Apply for 7 minutes, then wash away with warm water followed by cool water. Then pat your face dry. 

2. Moisturizing
Pomegranate oil is very light and can easily penetrate your skin and moisturize and will not leave a greasy, sticky texture on the surface.  Because of it's high Linoleic Acid contents it's great for moisturizing and promoting hair growth, and promotes moisture retention in skin and hair.

You can apply it directly to your face, or make your own skin moisturizing oil at home.  Try this: in a 4 oz dropper bottle, combine 1 TBS Pomegranate Seed Oil, 2 TBS Grape seed Oil, 1 TBS Argan Oil.  Mix them well, and use a couple of drops to moisturize your face daily.

3. Relieves Inflammation
Anti-inflammatory properties in pomegranate oil are due to it's high content of Punicic Acid, Linoleic Acid, and Vitamin E. I haven't tried this myself , but it is said that pomegranate oil has the ability to relieve rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, and other inflammatory conditions. It can also be used to relieve sunburn because of its content of phytosterols which relieve sun damage.

To use: Wash the area and pat it dry, then add 2-3 drops of pomegranate oil. 

4. Soothing Sensitive Skin
The combination of moisturizing and inflammation relief might make this oil the best choice for people with sensitive skin.  To make your own Sensitive Skin Cream combine these ingredients together and mix them until you get a creamy consistency (You can also blend them together with a hand blender):

2 tsp pomegranate oil
3 TBS Shea Butter
1 TBS of Aloe Vera gel
2 tsp of Rose Water

After blending, put the mixture in a clean container.  

After washing your face, apply a pea sized amount of your sensitive skin cream to your face when needed.  You can store it in the fridge for up to 6 months.  Keeping it cool can also help soothe your sensitive skin. 

5. Anti Aging
Pomegranate Seed oil is very high in Punicic Acid which increases collagen production and reduces its breakdown, thus preventing the signs of aging on your skin.  It also rejuvenates and strengthens the hair leaving it looking lustrous and feeling healthy.  Oleic Acid (Omega 9) reduces the appearance of aging such as premature wrinkles and fine lines.  Phytosterols along with providing sun damage relief,  also promote collagen production and promote the growth of newer, firmer skin. Want to make your own anti aging serum?  Try this:

1 TBS of pomegranate seed oil
1 TBS rose hip oil
1/2 tsp sea buckthorn oil
3 drops lavender eo
3 drops geranium eo
3 drops carrot seed oil

Combine all the ingredients in a 4 oz bottle. Shake gently.  Use 2-3 drops of the oil on your face and neck at night on a clean face.  Massage the oils into your face for 2 minutes before apply your night time moisturizer.

6. Bonus Benefit : Acne Fighting
The high content of Linoleic Acid as I mentioned can soothe acne and reduce the chances of future breakouts.  Pomegranate oil is non comedogenic, which means it will not clog your pores. It is light weight and will quickly be absorbed into your skin, so it can benefit from these amazing properties.

Remember: It's important to include exfoliating as a part of your beauty and cleansing routine.  Having layers of dead skin will not allow these beautiful oils to penetrate.  I love and highly recommend the Hayah Organics wash cloth for this. Extremely useful, and gentle, and it gets softer every time I use it. 

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